Krauss 763 193

Căile Ferate Forestiere (CFF)
Romania – H0e / 1:87

The holy grail of the Romanian Forest Railways is a heavy 4 axle Resita steam locomotive with an outside frame. In addition to the large Resita’s, there’s a small three axle locomotive built by Krauss in 1921. It served most of its life at CFF Moldovita before eventually moving to CFF Viseu de Sus. Here’s a sweet picture with the Krauss on the left and a Resita on the right.

I figured the classic Roco H0e steam locomotive could be a perfect chassis donor. Next I set up a 3D model based on photos and had it printed. I designed it as a kit to avoid as much visible stepping and support wax traces as possible. After cleaning and assembling, I installed the pipework, sprayed it moody black and added etched details including number plates. Weathering with oil paint did the final trick.