Ins Moor

Somewhere in Germany
80cm x 16cm
H0f – 1:87

A few years ago I bought a H0f scale starter set from Busch on a whim. A while later I found a metal shelf at local discount store meant for a hipster household. You know, the kind of shelf where you can put old cameras, Achieving Life Goals books, pancake plants and fragrance sticks. Well, I don’t have a hipster household and apart from old camera’s I neither have those things. Recently I felt a sudden surge to build a quick in-between layout / diorama. I rembered having the Busch set as well as the shelf… those combinded might do the trick.

Over the course of two weekends I fiddled around with styrofoam, a mudmixture and static grass and out came a minimalistic layout depicting a little German peat railroad.